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Resources for children

If you are feeling worried or do not understand why we all have to stay at home, have a look at this:



Year R – EYFS home learning pack

Year 1 – Y1 home learning pack

Year 2 – Y2 home learning pack

Year 3 – Y3 home learning pack

Year 4 – Y4 home learning pack

Year 5 – Y5 home learning pack

Year 6 – Y6 home learning pack


Whole School –

This is a British Sign Language song for I Can Sing A Rainbow that your child may wish to learn!


If you are in Year 6 and moving to Ryde Academy click on the link to some exciting information. There is also some work Year 5 can access too.


If you are in Year 6 and moving to Christ the King https://www.christthekingcollege.co.uk/year-6-transition 

If you are in Year 6 and moving to Cowes or Medina


For more resources linked to your topic overview, please click on the Classes tab on the home page.