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Week of 14/09/20

At last the refurb begins! This week, the builders arrived and are already busy at work. They have started to put down the foundations for when the the temporary classrooms arrive, and have also been creating more pathways around the school so that we can still encourage social distancing.


Week of 21/09/20 – 

The temporary pathways have been put in, and the Adventure Play area has been removed, ready for the new one!


Week of 05/10/20 –

This week, the builders have been putting down the foundations ready for the portable classrooms to be put into place over half term.


Week of 12/10/20 –

This week the storage container and a skip has arrived, so we can start organising the school ready for the building work to start inside. The cement has also been put into the foundations for the portable classrooms.


October Half Term – 

During the October half term, the temporary classrooms arrived for the classes to move into on 23rd November. There are two classrooms per side, with an open area in the middle. Over the next couple of weeks, we will be kitting these out so that they are ready for the children to learn in!

Week of 09/11/20 – 

This week, the builder’s own container arrived where it was put into place by a large crane.


Week of 16/11/20 –

Here’s the portable classrooms before the furniture and children have moved in!


Week of 23/11/20 – 

The first lot of classes have moved into their temporary classrooms and work has begun inside the school. Old walls have been knocked down, and news ones are being built.


Week of 01.02.21 – 

The first phase of the build is nearing the end, new walls are up and electrics are being put into place.


Week of 01.03.21 –

Final touches are being made to the new classrooms.


Week of 12.04.21 – 

On Monday Year 1, 2 and 3 all moved back into their new classrooms, and the library was put back into place. The new rooms look amazing!