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Pupil Premium

At Wootton Primary School we strive to use the allocated Pupil Premium Grant to support specific groups of children who may be disadvantaged and are vulnerable to underachievement. These pupils include those who are (or have been) entitled to free school meals, those looked after by the local authority and children of armed service personal. As a school we are not restricted to use this money for just those pupils in receipt of the grant, but also for other children who need the gap closing between them and their peers.
Wootton Primary School is aware that barriers to a child’s learning are not restricted to the classroom and therefore we always try to support individuals with their social and emotional needs which could be a barrier to their learning. To achieve this we offer a range of opportunities to help develop a child and
these are available to any child regardless of their background; should it be required. Wootton Primary School is accountable for the spending of the Pupil Premium Grant and can show the impact of this expenditure through attainment tables, individual case studies and 1:1 conferencing records with pupils and parents.

As a school we aim:

To help your child achieve their full potential.
To ensure that teaching is focused, well-paced and challenging.
To recognise and make provision for individual pupil needs.
To provide a safe, well organized, stimulating, interactive environment that promotes interest.
To encourage pupils to work with growing independence.
To foster positive relationships with those connected to the school.

Wootton Primary School works hard to support those families who are vulnerable and may require extra support to break down barriers that could affect the pupils learning and progress. Our staff are committed to developing their own skills, knowledge and understanding so that the pupils access high quality teaching which is inclusive to all. Additional, tailored support is offered across the curriculum through specialised teaching and teaching assistant support. This intervention is regularly assessed to ensure the impact is positive and does not disrupt any other part of the child’s learning.

Please see evaluated Pupil Premium Statement of action 2019-2020 Evaluated PP strategy 19-20

Due to the impact of COVID-19 and school lockdown, the school will continue to embed many of the actions from last year but will also respond to an emerging need during the recovery process.

Please see Pupil Premium Statement of action for 2020-2021 Pupil Premium Statement of Action 20-21