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Year 6- Appley

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You can contact the Year 6 class teacher, Miss Salter at: year6@woottonpri.iow.sch.uk

Year 6 parent guidance for home learning


Maths: Arithmetic

Arith. % of amount

Arith. +- decimals

Arith. +- fractions

Arith. division

Arith. FDP equivalents

Arith. inverse operations

Arith. moreless

Arith. multiplication

Arith. x decimals

Arith. x missing no.

Arith. x fractions


Maths – reasoning:

Reasoning. FDP equivalents

Reasoning. Inverse

Reasoning. Multi step problems

Reasoning. Rounding

Reasoing. classifying shapes

Reasoning. +- fractions

Reasoning. algebra formulae

Reasoning. algebra missing numbers

Reasoning. algebra sequences

Reasoning. angles

Reasoning. area and perimeter

Reasoning. area of triangles and parallelogram

Reasoning. calculating in context

Reasoning. co ordinates

Reasoning. Compare and order fractions

Reasoning. decimals

Reasoning. dividing fractions

Reasoning. FDP equivalences

Reasoning. FDP multiplying

Reasoning. measure word problems

Reasoning. nets of shapes

Reasoning. percentages

Reasoning. ratio

Reasoning. statistics

Reasoning. time

Reasoning. volume


Reading comprehension:

Reading comprehension

Gaby to the rescue


Space tourism

Swimming the English Channel

The Lost Queen

The lost world

The way of the dodo

Wild ride


English: Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling

GPS. adverbs

GPS. apostrophes

GPS. capitals and full stops

GPS. clauses

GPS. colons

GPS. commas after fronted adverbials

GPS. commas for clarity

GPS. conjunctions

GPS. dashes

GPS. determiners

GPS. functions of a sentence

GPS. hyphens

GPS. parenthesis

GPS. passive and active voice

GPS. prefixes

GPS. prepositions

GPS. pronouns

GPS. semi colons

GPS. speech puncuation

GPS. suffixes

GPS. synonyms and antonyms

GPS. verb forms

GPS. verbs

GPS. word groups



Year 6 curriculum objectives

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