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We will be posting photos of you doing some great activities to keep in touch with each other. If you have any thing you want to include please send to admin@woottonpri.iow.sch.uk


Penny working from home –

Year one in school have been making things out of ice –


Ethan has been doing 12 sided dice (dodecahedron) exercises for PE homework –

Immy learned to make bread in the last lockdown. Today she made rolls for the first time entirely by herself. They were delicious! –


Blaise’s drawing of a Roman Soldier –


Here is Sienna’s role play of the Titanic:




Sebby’s sea glass picture he made for art –

Ben working from home –


Ronnie making a model of The Snail and The Whale –

Ayra’s Roman Soldier –



Travis and his sculpture of a spider wearing a party hat, ready for his birthday –

Alfie has been practicing his writing, making some dinosaurs, and also made some Bounty Bars! –

Leonardo made a lovely birthday card for his Grandpa –

Theo made a Viking longboat using sea glass and wrote facts about it –

Rueben’s brother doing his work! –

Rebecca and Elliott have been helping out at home in relation to their ‘life skills’, and Koby has been learning how to safely light a fire –

Lily-Mae has been practicing her drawing –

Chloe has been helping at home by cutting carrots, and helping out in the garden –

Matthew has been learning about the Titanic with his class friend –

Year 2 Key Workers –

Theodore has made a bird feeder- 



Reception class have been making slime, and making story boards – 

Immy made a solar powered robot – 

Doing PE skills at home – 

Jessica has been working on her skills of cracking an egg without dropping any shell in. Look at the yummy results! – 

Year 3’s interpretations of The space-bat-angel-dragon from the Iron man by Ted Hughes – 

Jacob with his completed puzzle – 

Abbie making brownies – 

Valentina on her roller blades, and playing darts with Rocco – 

Violet working from home – 

Rueben made this incredible helmet from card and paper Mache! –