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We will be posting photos of you doing some great activities to keep in touch with each other. If you have any thing you want to include please send to admin@woottonpri.iow.sch.uk


Cam and Charley’s walk –

Bluebelle’s book review –


Blaise’s story –

Ayra has made a treehouse to go with her book The Lost Happy Endings-

Archie has been showing off his computer skills –



Scarlett has been learning to knit –

After sending in a dog paper chain, which included Henry the Blue Peter dog, Alfie received a Blue Peter Badge –

Alfie rewrote the book of Mrs Armitage –



Lizzie’s homemade chicken nuggets –


Dom’s homemade burgers and apple pie –


Blaise’s Artwork –

Ayra’s chalk wall –



Some activities going on in school –


Violet has been making a rainbow to go in the window –


Lizzie has been making chicken nuggets, and Dom has been making burgers and apple pie –



Spencer has been building a bug hotel –



Abbie has finished a 1000 piece puzzle –



Violet has been busy making a rain shaker for Clap For The NHS, a rainbow made form Skittles and water, and origami-



Izabella has been making Playdough and Bubble Snakes –




Faye has been learning about volumes, as well as learning how to ride a bike –

George has been learning how to weave –



Ellie doing some school work –


Ayra has been busy baking, planting and being creative –


Maddie working hard in the garden and cooking –

Arlyse and her family on a nature walk

Bridger’s artwork


Valentina making brownies and painting in the sunshine


Ayra doing clock work, playing with bubbles and kicking a ball into tyres.


Violet doing Science at home this is called Colourful raining, you create clouds and an actual rain of colours.


Lizzie and Matthew planning, designing and making boats!


Key Worker children at school –

Nicole in Year 5 has been busy making a time capsule and completing some lovely art with her family.