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Year 3- Calbourne

Welcome to the Calbourne class page!

See what we are up to this term Topic web Summer 2 3rd June to July 23rd 2019

You can contact the Year 3 class teacher, Mrs Blake at: year3@woottonpri.iow.sch.uk

Our Year 3 trip to see the famous stones at Stonehenge … and what a day it was!

Dark Nights Parade preparation

We worked together in partnership with the New Carnival Company to create these beautiful Toadstool willow lanterns.  These will be on display at the Dark Nights Parade for all to see.  We linked it with our art curriculum, creating sculptures, our Science curriculum – learning about plants and their roots.

Throughout our Science learning this half term we have been asking ‘How does your garden grow?’

In particular we have looked at the function of leaves and roots and we have carried out an experiment to determine whether a plant needs leaves for survival.

Every week we have a recorder lesson with Mrs Grimshaw and JC.  To date we have learnt to play the notes ‘C’, ‘A’ and ‘B’.  We can now play ‘Knock, knock, knocking on heaven’s door’ and ‘La Bamba’.

Learning to play the recorder.

Throughout our History and Art & design lessons we have been learning about cave paintings and how this has given us clues about the past.  We created our own cave paintings with pastels, blending and smudging colours to create dramatic effects.

Cave Paintings

Reverend Plumb and Year 3

Religious Education Day.

Year 3 looked at Christianity and explored the key concept … Temptation.

We discussed what temptation meant and whether we had been tempted and how it made us feel.  We then learnt about how the Devil tried to tempt Jesus and how Christians use these stories to give them guidance in their own lives.

Reverend Plumb came to visit our class and talked to us about temptation and forgiveness.  We looked at the lines “To lead us not into temptation, but to deliver us from evil’ from the Lords Prayer and what this means to Christians and their belief.

To end our Stone Age to Iron Age learning, we all went for a trip to Stonehenge, to see the stones for ourselves and what a day we had!

Our Year 3 trip to see the famous stones.